The custom software evolution.



We develop custom business software focused on enhancing productivity. Whether streamlining your existing systems or creating new applications, our tools are aligned to promote autonomy, error reduction and data lifecycle management, while articulating the efficiency of your business environment with integrated performance metrics. Our goal is to understand your business needs through a confidential discovery process where we work with you to fully describe how our services can have the greatest positive impact.

Many off-the-shelf products exist for the Business Intelligence and administrative needs of our customers. However, these products are developed with a "one-size-fits-all" mentality. This forces companies to scale these products to fit their business needs. We see this as a waste of time and money for many companies that could simply have their own specialized systems developed.

A perfect fit. Your new systems will drive business further, saving time and growing revenue.

We encourage you to consider Stelliform Metrics for software solutions developed to your specific needs. We look forward to the opportunity to help make a noticeable difference in how you define daily operations.

Experience the new custom business software trend.

"Stelliform are the rock stars of software. The deliverables not only perform with wow-factor, they do it with simplicity and style."
Our Story

At the inception of Stelliform, before we understood what it could become, we identified a need. We looked all around us and saw companies settling for arbitrary tools they spent good money on. At our jobs, at our friends’ jobs, at the companies our jobs did business with; we saw entire departments redefining their operations around bulky, off-the-shelf software. We exhausted valuable resources scaling the tools to meet our needs, often spending months before realizing the benefits of these new systems. Then came the personnel training.

We are very good at what we do, and we shouldn’t feel obligated to change how we conduct business around the tools offered to us; after all, they aren’t tools if they lead us away from our best practices.

So the need became a necessity; a guiding philosophy: tools should be shaped around the contours of our successes, propelling us further by amplifying our brand. A company that builds such tools should remain vested in a shared alliance with its customers.

In doing so, the action became Stelliform Metrics. With each ally we help to become more successful by implementing custom software tailored to their specific needs, we grow too; consistently defining our success through the successes of our allies.
Stelliform Core Values

We strive to deliver an experience of excellence with unmatched products and services.

We develop and value our teammates to help them and our customers realize their full potential.

We act with drive, purpose, and ambition to make a real difference in how companies evolve best practices.

We consistantly define and cultivate the vitality of our brand through the successes of our customers.

Meet Our CEO

Ryan Quinn, CEO Stelliform Metrics

"There's no limit to what we can create together by combining your real world business needs with a bit of our imagination and expertise.

We are dedicated to building lasting alliances with companies that recognize what it takes to be brilliant. To stand above the competition because you shine brighter; because your business actualizes the change your customers have waited for."

Ryan Quinn has thirteen years of Business Intelligence and operational experience in both public and private sectors. He studied computer science and bioengineering at Arizona State University and currently develops software applications in several languages for a multitude of operating platforms.