Products and services.

Our process starts with a confidential discovery of your business software needs. This includes collaborating with department liaisons and user reps; people who have first-hand interaction with how data will be used, reported on, and managed. We work backward from this point to the systems that will support them.

Our systems are grounded in two key approaches:

  1. Automated Data Enhancement (ADE) that reproaches the way data is stored, processed and reported on. This also includes an analysis of the systems that support data processes like personnel communication, file sharing and proactively determining success factors.
  2. Integrated Performance Metrics (IPM) that monitor, manage and communicate how your systems align to benchmarks. This enables us to establish expectations for productivity, efficiency, error reduction, and systems autonomy before deploying enhancements. This way we can measure very accurately how your operations have improved.

Project Lifecycle

  1. Consult and learn your business
    • We consult to fully grasp the scope of how we can help your company benefit by working with us.
    • We value your company's privacy and respect your confidential information with professionalism.
  2. Project planning
    • We work with key liaisons from your company to validate our understanding of your needs and formulate a plan of action.
  3. Design
    • After establishing a thorough understanding of your needs, we begin developing the tools we collaboratively assess will have the greatest positive and lasting operational impact.
  4. Implementation
    • We work with the selected user reps from your company to strategically implement the tools we develop for you. This allows for a smooth and timely integration.
  5. Training
    • We follow up with personnel that use your new tools to ensure they fully understand their capability, and how they can best benefit from them. This step is vital for employee buy-in, helping them to see the value of their new systems so they can have the intended impact on your daily operations.
  6. Operate and optimize
    • Once deployed for a period of time, we cycle back to the user reps and listen to their feedback on how the new systems might be optimized to thrive in a real-world environment. This step might involve a few follow-up modifications to ensure everything works well after go-live. We use your feedback to fine tune your new tools and complete the integration process, providing your company with the best results possible.
We also offer ad hoc services on an as-needed basis. Some of these services include:
  1. Microsoft Office enhancements: we develop MS Office add-ins that vastly enhance and automate how these tools work for you (Excel, Outlook, Access, etc.)
  2. Call campaign incentives management and reporting
  3. Consumer behavior trend analytics
  4. Ad hoc reporting on internal data
  5. CRM and contract management databases
  6. Automated customer notifications
  7. ROI analyses
  8. SAP integration
  9. Business Objects and DSS integration

In addition to custom software development, we offer Transactional Licensing on most of our products. These open licenses provide easy scale up or scale back based on the current needs of your business to find your optimal price point, and enable your tools to follow upgrades and full product support as your business grows.