1. "[Stelliform's] systems automation and reporting are the reason we hit quarterly rebate attainment, driving revenue to over $950K in Q2FY12."-Phoenix Fortune 500

  2. "Stelliform approaches business solutions from a unique perspective. I was impressed by their discovery process, and the tool they built for us took a week's worth of work we do every quarter and automated it into just minutes. HIGHLY recommended." -Joe Casey, Yahoo! Local Business Listings

  3. "Here at SureVest Capital Management, we are always looking for new ways to increase productivity. Our quarterly billing process had become complex and time consuming. We knew we had to make some changes in order to continue to grow. Ryan Quinn with Stelliform Metrics came highly recommended as someone who could automate our manual processes. Initially, Mr. Quinn asked us to provide him with a breakdown of our current billing process and then asked us to paint a mental picture of how we would like the process to work. After a few weeks Mr. Quinn had automated our billing and provided onsite training for the custom software that he built. Our billing process which used to take over 20 hours now takes about 15 minutes.

    "Long after the project has been complete, Mr. Quinn is very willing to help anytime we have questions. We plan to work with Mr. Quinn to streamline more of our many processes as we continue to grow. I highly recommend Mr. Quinn and [Stelliform Metrics]." -Brandon Nachman, Senior Advisor SureVest Capital Management

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